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Front End Developer
Full-time (Flexible hours possible)
£26-30k per annum

Baxter and Bailey are looking to recruit a Front End Developer to join their small, award-winning design team in Brighton. If you have the relevant skills and experience alongside being bright, meticulous and fun to work with then we’d love to hear from you. For this brilliant opportunity to help us establish a brand new in-house digital capability within a well-respected and highly creative design agency, you’ll need to be:

• adept in HTML, CSS, Javascript and W3C web standards

• confident with WordPress and PHP

• experienced in using Git and SASS

• hungry to broaden your digital knowledge and experience

• an excellent communicator, in conversation and in writing

• a natural collaborator

• focused, motivating and persuasive

• cool under pressure with a great eye for detail

• passionate about the power of design to create a positive impact

• intelligent, articulate and fun to work with

In this newly established role, you’ll be working on digital aspects of a broad range of design disciplines but especially those of brand identity programmes, brand development, brand environments and exhibitions. You’ll be working with our existing roster of clients in sectors such as arts and culture, charity and not-for-profit, education and the built environment. You’ll help to ensure that our new digital offer matches our existing design expertise in terms of impact, effectiveness, purpose and award-winning creativity. You’ll have excellent digital knowledge and design interpretation abilities.

As part of your continued professional development, we’ll encourage you 
to invest half a day each week for self initiated research, trials and testing 
of new thinking and ideas. This may be related to a live project or 
may be driven by a personal desire to explore emerging technologies, platforms and concepts.

Please email your CV, including links to your best work and a covering letter expressing why you’d like to work with us to idliketowork@baxterandbailey.co.uk
by 6pm on Friday 25th May 2018.

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Alys Tomlinson wins Sony Photographer of the Year

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Congratulations to our friend, long-standing collaborator and sometime client Alys Tomlinson, who has been named Photographer of the Year in the 2018 Sony World Photography Awards.

Her intimate, sensitive and moving series of photographs entitled Ex-Voto were taken at pilgrimage sites in Lourdes (France), Ballyvourney (Ireland) and Grabark (Poland). Alys has returned to these sites over a number of years in the process of developing this project. In the most recent trips, she took a huge and very heavy Victorian single frame camera with her and has used it to magnificently bring together portraiture, the natural landscape and detailed stills to convey pilgrimage as a journey of discovery and sacrifice.

Hearty congratulations Alys on an outstanding achievement from all of us at BBHQ.

If you would like to see Alys’s winning work (and we highly recommend you do) along with other winning photographs, you still have time. The exhibition is at Somerset House in London until 6 May.

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Gold standard

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We’re getting a bit worried about the awards shelf here in the Baxter and Bailey studio. There’s a concern that the lovely timber ply isn’t quite sturdy enough to carry the weight of our growing haul of gongs. Creaking noises have been reported by various anxious members of the team. All of which made it especially worrying to come home from this week’s Transform Europe Awards 2018 clutching two new trophies: a bronze for our brand identity work for Threefold, and a (quite frankly amazing) gold for our Brighton Women’s Centre brand identity project. As you might imagine, we’re thrilled. And a bit worried about that shelf. Call us if you know a good carpenter...

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The future needs BrightSparks

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Over the past twelve months, Baxter and Bailey has proudly supported BrightSparks, an initiative created by the brilliant tech education innovators MakerClub. The aim of BrightSparks is to offer disadvantaged kids from our local community in Brighton and Hove the opportunity to access an imaginative, immersive and fun programme of creative learning centred around STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). It’s a place where ideas come to life and professionals teach kids to explore how technology can be used to solve real world problems and make the world a better place. Come on, what’s not to love?

“I think my favourite thing about MakerClub is the starter projects, when we get to invent ways of making the stuff around us better.”
BrightSpark, Aged 9

So far, 35 youngsters have been successfully placed into the programme. But master inventors aren’t made overnight. It takes time and perseverance (and a good number of circuit boards, hot glue guns, diodes and lolly sticks, too). Which is why we’re sticking with our commitment to BrightSparks and helping to support the next generation of creative genii. The future’s bright!

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New year, new gongs

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Some people think it’s important to start a brand new year with a resolution or two. Something about self-improvement, perhaps. A determination to kick a bad habit, maybe. We’d definitely concur that a new year resolution helps to focus the mind on the twelve months ahead. A sort of January-based determination to make that extra bit of effort. So if you asked, we’d probably say that 2018 will see Baxter and Bailey more determined then ever to deliver design that counts. Work with substance that makes an impact. Work that we’re proud of, which our clients love and which is recognised. All of which makes it especially thrilling to discover right at the start of 2018 that two of our recent projects are up for Transform Awards. Our brand identites for the amazing and innovative Threefold and the brilliant and brave Brighton Women’s Centre have both been shortlisted for a Transform Award in 2018, a year in which the scheme has received its greatest ever number of entries. The winners are announced in March. We resolve to keep you posted...

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High five

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Whoa there. Before we come hurtling at a fair gallop to the end of 2017 and sink into a mince pie and port-fuelled reverie, we’d like to pause and give ourselves a brief and quite British pat on the back. Why the self congratulatory pause, we hear you ask? It’s because Baxter and Bailey celebrated five years of business this year, a milestone we marked with the V nice card above. A small milestone in the grand scheme of things perhaps, but a birthday worth celebrating we think. Because it means that our growing band of clients agree that design for good means good design. So here’s to V more years. Who knows, maybe even X.

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What’s that creaky groaning sound, I hear you ask? That, dear blog reader, is the sound of the Baxter and Bailey library shelves struggling valiantly under the weight of some lovely (and especially hefty) new books. We’re thrilled to see our brand identity work appearing in two ace new books this month. Firstly, Los Logos 8 from Gestalten features three logo designs from our back catalogue (Brickworks, Eight Outdoor and Bog Eyed Books). And secondly, the aforementioned Bog Eyed Books logo also features as an award-winning entry in this years lovely, Studio Sutherl&-designed D&AD Annual. As if all of that isn’t enough, this week also sees the launch of the beefy new Me & EU book which features two contributions from the Baxter and Bailey team. I think we’re going to need a bigger bookshelf...

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There goes the summer

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And just like that, summer buggered off. Well, that’s certainly how it feels right now. The school holidays are over, our shorts are reluctantly back in the drawer marked summer clothes and we’re bravely resisting the temptation to pop the heating on. All of which prompted this summer 2017 review, if only to rekindle those sunny vibes. The BB summer trip saw us bowling down the Sussex coast to Chichester, where we visited the ace Pallant House Gallery before heading out from Itchenor Harbour in a boat skippered by friend of BB, Warwick Johnson Cadwell. When not skippering boats, WJC is a world-renowned comic book artist, working with the likes of Alan Martin on Young Tank Girl and Mike Mignola on Mr Higgins Comes Home. A man of many talents, as you can see here. In other summer news, we began work on exciting projects with two major new clients. The Royal Mail and Goldsmiths University have both been keeping us happily busy through the summer weeks. More on both of those projects soon. In the meantime, pop a cardie on. Brrr.

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Brighton Pride 2017

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A notable increase in rainbow flags a-fluttering, spangly boob tubes a-glittering and euro techno a-pumpin’ can mean only one thing. The mighty Brighton Pride is upon us. And as relative newcomers to Brighton, we feel especially chuffed, thrilled and proud to call this open-minded city our home. Here’s to three whole days of fierce fun, hot sun, saucy wonders, camp pop, crazy cabaret, sailor hats, cycle cops, glitter in yer pockets and grins on yer chops.

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Are you (deep breath) an excellent communicator, a natural collaborator, focused, motivating and persuasive, cool under pressure with a great eye for detail, knowledgable in all aspects of digital and print production, financially astute, passionate about the power of design to create positive impact, intelligent, articulate and fun to work with and adept in iWork and Microsoft Office software suites? Yes? In that case: we need you.

We’re looking for a Project Manager
Full or Part-time (30 hours minimum per week)

We’re looking to recruit a mid-level Project Manager to join our award-winning, five-strong brand design team in Brighton. If you have the relevant skills and experience alongside being bright, meticulous and fun to work with then we’d love to hear from you. In addition to the above attributes, key responsibilities will include:

• Pro-active day to day management of live design projects
• Contribution to planning, resourcing and management of workflow
• Monitoring of resources against budgets
• Providing continuity of communication with clients and the design team
• Supporting Directors with the co-ordination of new business opportunities
• Planning, writing and proofreading of project proposals and schedules
• Writing of production specifications and management of costs against budgets
• Supporting Directors with financial administration and bookkeeping
• Supporting Directors with planning and implementation of the studio’s marketing and PR

Salary: £24-30k (dependent on experience)

Please email your CV along with a covering letter expressing why you’d like to work with Baxter and Bailey to
by Friday 18th August 2017.

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