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Talking about our work, our philosophy and our pathway through the world of design has always been part of what we do at BB. So I was honoured to be asked to speak to an audience of design students this week at Conway Hall in Bloomsbury. The event, called 4 Designers, is an annual fixture in the design education calendar. Four designers – naturally – are invited to talk about their work to undergrads from all over the country. My co-speakers on the day were Matt Shannon (CD of Brash Brands), Jo Davies (CEO of Zak Agency) and Brian and James Webb (founders of Webb & Webb). Brian – along with Lynn Trickett – was my first boss at Trickett & Webb in 1995, so it was especially fun to share a stage with him. The whole shindig was co-organised by ace copywriter and strategist Patrick Baglee, pictured above during his introduction to my talk. Hopefully I was able to uphold Conway Hall’s long-held ethical motto: To thine own self be true. To which I'd like to add my own public speaking motto: If in doubt, throw string at the audience.
- Matt

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