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The ace reporters at Design Week have been back on the BB studio hotline again, this time to ask our Creative Director Matt this question: what has been your biggest failure? Assuming that they meant design failure rather than anything more personal, here’s what Matt said:

“My biggest failure as a designer isn’t a poorly built website, a shoddily constructed exhibition or a fatally flawed piece of print (though I confess to some or all of the above). It’s a bit bigger and broader than that; a failure of focus. Once upon a time, I’d say ‘yes’ to pretty much any project or client, regardless of sector, size or ethical stance. I’ve learned from experience that a more considered, tailored and pragmatic approach to the kinds of jobs we take on is better for me and our business. We’re more focused and in control of our destiny as a result, and happier too.”

You can read all of the other disastrous anecdotes here.

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