New year, new gongs

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Some people think it’s important to start a brand new year with a resolution or two. Something about self-improvement, perhaps. A determination to kick a bad habit, maybe. We’d definitely concur that a new year resolution helps to focus the mind on the twelve months ahead. A sort of January-based determination to make that extra bit of effort. So if you asked, we’d probably say that 2018 will see Baxter and Bailey more determined then ever to deliver design that counts. Work with substance that makes an impact. Work that we’re proud of, which our clients love and which is recognised. All of which makes it especially thrilling to discover right at the start of 2018 that two of our recent projects are up for Transform Awards. Our brand identites for the amazing and innovative Threefold and the brilliant and brave Brighton Women’s Centre have both been shortlisted for a Transform Award in 2018, a year in which the scheme has received its greatest ever number of entries. The winners are announced in March. We resolve to keep you posted...

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