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We’re many things here at BB. Designers, for sure. Thinkers, most definitely. Crafters, of course. But we’re all readers too. So to celebrate this year’s World Book Day, here’s a look at what each member of the team is reading right now. Over to you, bookworms...

Dom is reading
Confabulations by John Berger
Dom says: “My copy of Confabulations came from Santa. Maybe because I’ve actively recommended his brilliant Ways of Seeing as a must read for young creatives since I first read it in 1991. John Berger writes in an intellectual but accessible way – perfect for anyone seeking to broaden horizons.”

Matt is reading
The People’s Songs by Stuart Maconie
Matt says: “A potted history of modern Britain told through popular chart-toppers of the day. It includes chapters on such pop classics as My Boy Lollipop, Telstar, Ghost Town, Two Tribes and Bonkers. What’s not to love? If you’ve read any of Maconie’s other work, you’ll be familiar with his avuncular but knowledgable style. He’s a fanboy at heart, as am I.”

Rory is reading
Brilliant Orange by David Winner
Rory says: “A brilliantly insightful look at the development of the Dutch philosophy of Total Football and how the elements of that style (the need for space, individual creativity, teamwork and innovative attacking tactics - not to mention the tendency to self destruct) are echoed in Dutch history, architecture, arts and culture. Who would have thought that the flat Dutch landscape or Dutch political history would have an impact on how a team plays football?”

Emma is reading
It’s All In Your Head by Suzanne O’Sullivan
Emma says: “The book follows a neurologist exploring the world of psychosomatic illness, teaching us that it’s all in your head doesn't mean something isn’t real. Reassured by the fact that it won the Wellcome Trust Book Prize, I’m making my way through it slowly but steadily, trying to avoid the headache of trying to understand the human brain.”

Dixie is reading
Running With The Kenyans by Adharanand Finn
Dixie says: “A super inspiring read, the book tells the story of an adventure into a different way of life. Whilst I don’t believe you have to love running to enjoy this book, if you are a runner and you haven’t read it you’re definitely missing out. Catch it if you can.”

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