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We’re many things here at BB. Designers, for sure. Thinkers, most definitely. Crafters, of course. But we’re all readers too. So to celebrate this year’s World Book Day, here’s a look at what each member of the team is reading right now. Over to you, bookworms...

Dom is reading
Confabulations by John Berger
Dom says: “My copy of Confabulations came from Santa. Maybe because I’ve actively recommended his brilliant Ways of Seeing as a must read for young creatives since I first read it in 1991. John Berger writes in an intellectual but accessible way – perfect for anyone seeking to broaden horizons.”

Matt is reading
The People’s Songs by Stuart Maconie
Matt says: “A potted history of modern Britain told through popular chart-toppers of the day. It includes chapters on such pop classics as My Boy Lollipop, Telstar, Ghost Town, Two Tribes and Bonkers. What’s not to love? If you’ve read any of Maconie’s other work, you’ll be familiar with his avuncular but knowledgable style. He’s a fanboy at heart, as am I.”

Rory is reading
Brilliant Orange by David Winner
Rory says: “A brilliantly insightful look at the development of the Dutch philosophy of Total Football and how the elements of that style (the need for space, individual creativity, teamwork and innovative attacking tactics - not to mention the tendency to self destruct) are echoed in Dutch history, architecture, arts and culture. Who would have thought that the flat Dutch landscape or Dutch political history would have an impact on how a team plays football?”

Emma is reading
It’s All In Your Head by Suzanne O’Sullivan
Emma says: “The book follows a neurologist exploring the world of psychosomatic illness, teaching us that it’s all in your head doesn't mean something isn’t real. Reassured by the fact that it won the Wellcome Trust Book Prize, I’m making my way through it slowly but steadily, trying to avoid the headache of trying to understand the human brain.”

Dixie is reading
Running With The Kenyans by Adharanand Finn
Dixie says: “A super inspiring read, the book tells the story of an adventure into a different way of life. Whilst I don’t believe you have to love running to enjoy this book, if you are a runner and you haven’t read it you’re definitely missing out. Catch it if you can.”

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4 Designers

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Talking about our work, our philosophy and our pathway through the world of design has always been part of what we do at BB. So I was honoured to be asked to speak to an audience of design students this week at Conway Hall in Bloomsbury. The event, called 4 Designers, is an annual fixture in the design education calendar. Four designers – naturally – are invited to talk about their work to undergrads from all over the country. My co-speakers on the day were Matt Shannon (CD of Brash Brands), Jo Davies (CEO of Zak Agency) and Brian and James Webb (founders of Webb & Webb). Brian – along with Lynn Trickett – was my first boss at Trickett & Webb in 1995, so it was especially fun to share a stage with him. The whole shindig was co-organised by ace copywriter and strategist Patrick Baglee, pictured above during his introduction to my talk. Hopefully I was able to uphold Conway Hall’s long-held ethical motto: To thine own self be true. To which I'd like to add my own public speaking motto: If in doubt, throw string at the audience.
- Matt

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Brighton calling

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Do you have the full combo? Ideas, skills and a portfolio to prove it. We are offering paid work placements in our Brighton studio for up to six weeks to students and graduates who are talented, thoughtful, bright and curious. Is this you? Then please send your CV and online portfolio or pdf to

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BB + D

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2016 was a busy year for us. So busy in fact that we decided to grow the team a little. After meeting loads of very talented candidates, we were thrilled to welcome new designer Dixie to the ranks in late December last year. Dixie has worked with a wide variety of clients before taking up his role at BB; from architects, designers, makers and photographers to international skincare, winery and fashion brands. A veritable smorgasbord. Perhaps more importantly he’s also our keenest runner, very much improving our overall average speed. You don’t have to jog to work here, but it helps.

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You’re gonna need a bigger boat

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A very happy new year from all of us here at team BB. When we locked the studio doors at the end of 2016, we were packed to the rafters: the new addition of our latest recruit – ace middleweight designer Dixie – meant that our space was getting a little on the cosy side, to say the least. So late last year we made the decision to take on a second, equally-sized studio space next door to ours and to combine the two. As a result, we’ve reopened the studio doors this year onto a brand spanking new double sized studio, and it feels great. A mothership of marvellousness. An HQ of hard work. A double-sized design den. Do pop round: we’ve plenty of room.

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Uptown Top Ranking

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Whilst press attention is focussed US-wards, a little newsflash from closer to home. Baxter and Bailey has just been listed among the top nine design studios outside London. The ranking was the result of a poll of peers for Computer Arts magazine. We’re particularly thrilled that the nomination ranks us alongside design heroes such as Build, The Chase and Music. But why a top nine? Who knows. Perhaps nine is the new ten. In conclusion: we should move out of London more often...

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Four become five

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You may recall our recent recruitment drive, around five months ago. Well, we’re at it again. The good ship BB is picking up speed and needs more hands on deck. Could you help us grow from a fantastic four to a famous five? Here’s the role in detail:

We are looking for an ambitious Middleweight Designer to join our team in Brighton. For this great opportunity to work with us across a range of clients and sectors you’ll need:

• 3 – 4 years commercial experience in branding, campaigns, print and digital projects

• a proven track record in brilliantly creative visual identity

• a solid understanding of what makes good UI design and user experience

• excellent communication and presentation skills

• confident and meticulous project management skills

• a broad knowledge and interest in design, identity and creativity

• enthusiasm to work in an experienced, ambitious and compact team

• commitment to creative excellence

• a curious mind and sense of adventure

Salary: £28 – 32k PA dependent on experience.

Please email CVs/Portfolios to:

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You can’t handle the truth!

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Tall tales. Fibs. Untruths. Whoppers. We all lie now and again: from tiddling little white lies to Trump-esque humdingers. This is the premise of a newly launched project – and gallery exhibition – by our friends at writing collective 26 Writers. We were invited by the group to create a visual accompaniment to one of 26 new pieces of writing, all on the subject of lies. We were paired with Quietroom supremo Andy Hayes and chose to illustrate his tall tale – concerning a truth-stretching autobiography – with a pair of bespoke case-bound books. For last nights private view, we also created a visitors book for attendees to record their own lies. (Anonymously of course.) The exhibition – and accompanying website – is now live at London’s Free Word Centre (formerly the Guardian Newsroom). If you find yourself in Clerkenwell one lunchtime this week, you should pop in. You can always tell your boss that you were stuck in the queue at Pret...

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Since moving our studio to Brighton a little over 12 months ago, we’ve worked hard to add some great south coast clients to our existing mix of London and internationally-based projects. So we’re thrilled to be able to reveal the results of our very first project with the University of Sussex: their 2017 Postgraduate Prospectus. We couldn’t be more pleased to be working with the University, so here’s to more Sussex-based collaborating. In addition to the sneak peak above, we’ll add a full case study to the Work section of our website very soon. Get ready, print fans: it has tip-ins, blind embosses and multiple paper stocks akimbo.

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The future’s bright

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It might actually be time. Time to break open the BB studio emergency sunnies (as pictured above). The reason for this drastic act of emergency eye-wear deployment? A dual celebration, that’s what. Firstly, it’s officially a year since we opened our new studio in Brighton, the city we now call home. And secondly, well... because it’s actually sunny at last. So here’s to our busy, growing studio and our busy, sunny city. Cheers!

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