A little bit of politics

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Like many others, we felt compelled to throw our hat into the ring and express our position during the weeks seismic political events here in the UK. As the typography above illustrates, our feelings on the Brexit question were clear: Baxter and Bailey were firmly for remain. And as the dust settles on the results of the referendum, we should probably now add a final line: incredulous.

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Lights alive!

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We’ve kept quiet about this one for a while. Schtum. Mum’s the word. Chatham House Rules. Not a dickie bird. But now that we can officially talk about it, you can’t shut us up. We’re properly thrilled to have been involved in The Illuminated River, an ambitious £20m plan to light up every major bridge across the River Thames. The architectural competition was announced this week and was immediately reported on by the London Evening Standard, Design Week, The Londonist and many more. We were commissioned by project leads The Rothschild Foundation and the Mayor of London to create a brand identity for the project. We’ve been busily applying our twinkly design solution to printed and digital brand communications for the past few weeks. There will be a fully enlightening case study here on the BB site soon.

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Regular BB blog visitors may recall our search for a new team member earlier this year. We’re happy to report that the search is over. We met loads of lovely and talented designers during our recruitment process and were ultimately thrilled to be able to welcome Rory Brady to the team last week. Rory joins us from Hat-trick Design where he was senior designer for six years, working on new brand identities for the Wimbledon Tennis Championships, Imperial War Museums, Prostate Cancer UK and the Henry Moore Foundation. Rory was also responsible for Royal Mail’s commemorative stamps for the centenary of the First World War. Welcome aboard, RB. Toot toot.

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Excellent organ of our industry Design Week got in touch with BB Creative Director Matt this week. They wanted to know what his favourite currency design is, in the wake of the recent redesign of the Scottish banknote. His response somehow managed to reference ancient telly curiosity The Adventure Game. Here’s what he had to say on the matter:

“Bear with me, because this is a bit of an odd one. My favourite ever currency design is the Drogna. This was the currency of choice in a BBC show called The Adventure Game, broadcast for 22 episodes between 1980 and 1986. Design Week’s more… mature readers (and I count myself among your number) may remember it.

The show featured a string of 80s ‘celebs’ stumbling through a series of fiendish puzzles in order to escape the planet Arg, where they were stranded. Still with me? It gets better. The show also featured Moira Stuart playing a dragon in human form, an Australian who only spoke backwards and a bad-tempered aspidistra plant called Uncle played by Kenny Baker.

The Drogna currency took the form of lovely big perspex discs printed with colourful graphic shapes: squares, hexagons and crosses. Its value was determined by multiplying the number of sides of the shape by the position of its colour in the rainbow. Try working that one out at the cashpoint.”

You can read the full article here.

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On the shelf

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The past month has seen two exciting new additions to the design bookshelf. The books in question – A Smile In The Mind and MIN: New Simplicity in Graphic Design – are especially exciting for us, as our work appears in both. Seasoned design professionals will be familiar with the original A Smile In The Mind, published by Phaidon and now considered a design publishing classic. This revised and updated version for 2016, designed and curated by our friends at The Partners, features two Baxter and Bailey projects: our brand identity for Quietroom and our very own award-winning moving card (which you can read about in an earlier blog post below). The second book – MIN, published by Thames and Hudson – has been written, curated and designed by Brighton design stalwart Stuart Tolley. It features within its beautifully designed pages our work for University of the Arts Awarding Body. Make some space on your shelves, bibliophiles.

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Lichter, Kamera, Action!

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Currywurst. Schnitzel. Weissbier. And movies. LOTS of movies. This cultural combination can mean only one thing: the annual Berlinale is upon us once more. Before the hoopla and tinsel of Cannes in May, Berlin in February is where it’s at for film industry wheelers-and-dealers, where deals are struck and stars are born. It’s also where our annual cycle of projects for long-standing client FilmNation begins every year. So, as has become traditional, we were there at the start of this year’s Berlinale to ensure that the interiors and digital tools we designed for FilmNation were successfully installed and wowwing punters. We’ll be putting the full project up on the BB site soon, but here’s a sneak peak at our 2016 work, featuring a certain former-Batman and lots of shiny LEDs...

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Baxter and Bailey are recruiting

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We are looking for an ambitious Middleweight Designer to join our team in Brighton.

For this great opportunity to work with us across a range of clients and sectors you’ll need:

• 3 – 4 years commercial experience in branding, campaigns, print and digital projects

• a proven track record in brilliantly creative visual identity

• a solid understanding of what makes good UI design and user experience

• excellent communication and presentation skills

• confident and meticulous project management skills

• a broad knowledge and interest in design, identity and creativity

• enthusiasm to work in an experienced, ambitious and small team

• commitment to creative excellence

• a curious mind and sense of adventure

Salary: £28 – 32k PA dependent on experience.

Please email CVs/Portfolios to:

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Developing Lives

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Last night we were at the private view of Developing Lives, a new photography exhibition at the OXO Tower by UK charity Leonard Cheshire Disability. The exhibition, designed by Baxter and Bailey, showcases thirty powerful images by UK photographers Hamish Roberts and Jenny Matthews. The images reveal personal and powerful stories of people living with disability in Kenya, Tanzania and Sierra Leone. Each image helps bring to life the impact of the charities pioneering international work in education, employment and social inclusion. We’re both proud and privileged to have been involved.

The exhibition is on at Oxo Tower Wharf, London between 20-24 January 2016. Opening times: 11.00am - 6.00pm. Admission is FREE.

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It’s a wrap

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The signs are all there; a chill in the air; extravagant knitwear; the distant holler of Sir Noddy Holder. As the mutton-chopped glampop bellower himself would have it: it’s Chriiistmaaaaas. For the Baxter and Bailey studio, the arrival of the holiday season means several things, most notably a festive rearrangement of the library shelves by Santa’s helper (Emma) and the annual quest to design a killer Christmas card. Given the recent opening of our Brighton HQ, this year’s card takes on a suitably seasidey theme and was beautifully screen printed by local hotshop The Private Press. Happy forking Christmas, one and all.

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BB on sea

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2015 has seen a busy summer for us. Lots of lovely client work and the not-inconsiderable task of opening a new studio. But after a few weeks of intensive activity, we're emerging to the sound of seagulls and crashing waves. The Baxter and Bailey Brighton studio is now officially open and we love it. As you'll notice from our contact details, our new Brighton address will be our primary HQ. And we've retained our original London studio at 54B so that we can continue to work closely with our London-based clients.

Our first project here in Brighton? The naming, visual identity and signage for our own newly established studio space, The Colour Rooms. The previous life of this building – as a storage warehouse for the nearby Dulux paint centre – was a design gift we couldn't ignore. We even got Sussex signwriter par excellence Nik the Brush to hand-paint our signage system in Dulux colours.

A colourful solution for a colourful city. See you on the seafront.

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