Baxter and Bailey are recruiting

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We are looking for an ambitious Middleweight Designer to join our team in Brighton.

For this great opportunity to work with us across a range of clients and sectors you’ll need:

• 3 – 4 years commercial experience in branding, campaigns, print and digital projects

• a proven track record in brilliantly creative visual identity

• a solid understanding of what makes good UI design and user experience

• excellent communication and presentation skills

• confident and meticulous project management skills

• a broad knowledge and interest in design, identity and creativity

• enthusiasm to work in an experienced, ambitious and small team

• commitment to creative excellence

• a curious mind and sense of adventure

Salary: £28 – 32k PA dependent on experience.

Please email CVs/Portfolios to:

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Developing Lives

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Last night we were at the private view of Developing Lives, a new photography exhibition at the OXO Tower by UK charity Leonard Cheshire Disability. The exhibition, designed by Baxter and Bailey, showcases thirty powerful images by UK photographers Hamish Roberts and Jenny Matthews. The images reveal personal and powerful stories of people living with disability in Kenya, Tanzania and Sierra Leone. Each image helps bring to life the impact of the charities pioneering international work in education, employment and social inclusion. We’re both proud and privileged to have been involved.

The exhibition is on at Oxo Tower Wharf, London between 20-24 January 2016. Opening times: 11.00am - 6.00pm. Admission is FREE.

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It’s a wrap

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The signs are all there; a chill in the air; extravagant knitwear; the distant holler of Sir Noddy Holder. As the mutton-chopped glampop bellower himself would have it: it’s Chriiistmaaaaas. For the Baxter and Bailey studio, the arrival of the holiday season means several things, most notably a festive rearrangement of the library shelves by Santa’s helper (Emma) and the annual quest to design a killer Christmas card. Given the recent opening of our Brighton HQ, this year’s card takes on a suitably seasidey theme and was beautifully screen printed by local hotshop The Private Press. Happy forking Christmas, one and all.

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BB on sea

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2015 has seen a busy summer for us. Lots of lovely client work and the not-inconsiderable task of opening a new studio. But after a few weeks of intensive activity, we're emerging to the sound of seagulls and crashing waves. The Baxter and Bailey Brighton studio is now officially open and we love it. As you'll notice from our contact details, our new Brighton address will be our primary HQ. And we've retained our original London studio at 54B so that we can continue to work closely with our London-based clients.

Our first project here in Brighton? The naming, visual identity and signage for our own newly established studio space, The Colour Rooms. The previous life of this building – as a storage warehouse for the nearby Dulux paint centre – was a design gift we couldn't ignore. We even got Sussex signwriter par excellence Nik the Brush to hand-paint our signage system in Dulux colours.

A colourful solution for a colourful city. See you on the seafront.

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This little logo...

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Little Green Pig, supported by Ministry of Stories, offers children in Brighton time and space to get creative with words. Founders Julie and Ella asked us to create a new brand identity for the charity, helping them to stand shoulder-to-shoulder (or pen-to-pen) with the Ministry of Stories. Given that creativity and fun are at the heart of what they do, we needed to find a solution that lived up to this. As we always say: there's s'nowt like a lovely little logo job.

Epilogue: we're continuing to work with Little Green Pig and Ministry of Stories on a top secret project... watch this space.

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Morphology of the rooster in music

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We have been working with the brilliant Orchid Classics recently. An independent classical music label founded by violinist Matthew Trusler in 2005. There is more to follow on our label identity work soon but here is a first look at a cover design for their latest release with Grammy Award-winning vocal ensemble Ars Nova Copenhagen. Gallos y Huesos is a series of poems by Argentinean writer Sergio Chejfec. In these texts he explores - wait for it - 'the morphology of the rooster' amongst other bigger and more familiar themes like solitude, repetition and death. Brooding stuff for the classical adventurer.

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Podge is 21

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Starting life in 1994 at Quaglino's restaurant in Mayfair, the Podge Lunch has built up a reputation over the intervening years as something of a design institution. Attendees at that first Podge included Alan Fletcher, Marcelo Minale and Erik Spiekermann. The annual event – founded by ex-typesetter-turned-creative-business-guru Phil Jones – is an opportunity for design's big cheeses to get together once a year to swap war stories and eat great food. A simple formula, but one that works incredibly well, welcoming design luminaries both new and old. To mark the 21st birthday of the get-together, The Drum magazine has asked a group of regular attendees – including Baxter and Bailey – to design a birthday card. You can see the resulting work here (and do vote if you think ours is suitably Podgy).

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Out with the old

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We were recently invited by our pals at NB Studio to get involved in their Sign of the Times project. Run in collaboration with Spring Chicken, the project aims to address and challenge the current ‘old people crossing’ UK road sign, which they feel is miscommunicating the idea of old age “with its sad and decrepit couple crossing the road”. A veritable worldwide who’s-who of design and illustration contributed new road sign concepts: submissions range from the serious to the downright silly and you can see them all (and vote for ours, pictured above) here.

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Print is dead, long live print

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More pearls of hard-won wisdom from Creative Director Matt Baxter over on the Design Week website this month. This time the subject was ink versus pixels: how do you keep print exciting in an increasingly digital age? Here’s Matt’s pragmatic response:

Bear with me here, pop pickers – I’ve got an analogy and I’m going to use it. Digital media is very much like the arrival of synthesisers in pop music in the 1970s and 1980s. ‘Guitars are dead,’ proclaimed the synthpoppers. ‘Real drums are so 1973,’ they said, in voices like Twiki’s out of Buck Rogers. But as music matured, so synthetic music became part of the overall toolbox, rather than a replacement for analogue. See also CGI in the movies: both the bonkers Mad Max Fury Road and the upcoming new Star Wars flicks are making much use of practical, physical effects alongside CGI. The palette broadens with digital, but isn’t replaced by it. And so it is with print media – our lives are enriched by our increasing use of digital media, but we still love the tangible, the tactile and the inky. As with the examples above from music and movies, the forward march of digital meant that print became missed, desirable, exotic and exciting as a result. Print can do things that pixels can’t. And here’s the best bit – you can have both!

You can read the rest of the piece on the Design Week site here.

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Breakfast of champions

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How was your breakfast? Hearty? Nutritious? Inspirational? We all know that our petit déjeuner is the most important meal of the day. But, with the right group of co-breakfasters, it can be creatively and professionally important too. Along with ex-univerity friend Jason Holland of Underwired, Baxter and Bailey creative director Matt helped to set up Creative Breakfast Club, a regular pre-work get-together for a small number of creative business owners. The idea was simple; keep the number of breakfasters small so that everyone can contribute to one conversation; ensure that the attendees all own or run creative businesses so that the shared conversation is relevant and helpful; and make sure that the eggs are really good. With new Creative Breakfast Clubs springing up elsewhere in London, Brighton and Stockholm, Design Week were interested enough to commission this article.

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