The Heart Index

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We were recently asked by Craig Atkinson and Grace Bond (of Sea Design and Bond & Coyne respectively) to contribute to their project The Heart Index. We were one of a number of design groups and illustrators asked to ‘visually interpret the heart’ in a medium of our choosing. You can see our heartfelt, musically honest submission above. We were also asked to write this short rationale to accompany our contribution:

For those of a certain age, the truest way to express the feelings of ones heart was via the medium of the mix tape or cassette compilation. These almost obsolete oblongs of brittle plastic and magnetic tape were once the repositories of heartfelt feeling the world over. Two sides and 90 minutes to reveal your musical heartbeat. Here’s ours, with love.

You can buy the resulting – and very beautiful – book via The Heart Index website.

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Workin’ nine to five

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Good to see our friend and former colleague Jamie Ellul – ex-partner at Magpie Studio, now founder of Supple Studio – talking in Design Week about flexibility. Specifically, he makes some interesting and thoughtful points about the way in which designers work and the often inflexible and unimaginative working practices of our creative industry. Knowing that we’re keen on flexibility here at BB, Jamie asked director Matt to contribute some thoughts. You can read the short, insightful piece here. Lovely typography above designed by Jamie. Presumably not on his DadDay.

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Kedgeree at 54B

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Every month at 54B, one lucky winner gets to prepare lunch for the whole office. Depending on the day, that’s 20–25 ravenous creative/digital types. This month Dom rustled up that rice classic, Kedgeree. He nostalgically recalled – “My Mum used to make kedge for our larger than average family. I’m one of eight you know! It was a real crowd pleaser back then, so I thought it was a safe bet”. 20–25 less ravenous creative/digital types have now confirmed this to be the case. With Indian cakes from Ambala on Brick Lane for desert, everyone piled on a further 600 calories and then headed back to their desks to rehydrate.

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Vox pop

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Following a recent Design Week interview with Pentagram New York partner Michael Bierut – in which he suggested that he really doesn’t like designing for other designers – we were asked by DW to name our least favourite audience. Here’s how Matt responded:

“Phee-yew. There have been some toughies over the years. But by far and away the toughest, most brutal audience group I’ve ever worked for are the under-eights. You want feedback? Try ‘That’s not very good’, ‘Can we draw now?’ and ‘Chris Riddell was here last week. He was good.’ You want an appraisal of your presentation style? Try ‘You look funny’, ‘How old are you?’ and ‘Why are you bald?’ You want a feeling of existential uncertainty? Try being called ‘Miss’. Give me designers any day. At least they don’t laugh at your glasses.”

You can read the other responses here.

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Look at Me!

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Red Nose Day 2015 is upon us, so we’ve joined forces with our friends at MultiAdaptor and signed up to their crack team at Red Logo Associates – essentially a hand-picked squad of elite designers rustling up red nose logos for the great and the good. All 100 red logo designs will be showcased and auctioned off at a fund raiser this evening in London’s fashionable east end. Our mission? To design a logo for Client Liaison Officer Sarah Mei. She’s a self confessed “volatile, loud and obsessive personality” (her words not ours, we hasten to add). Sometimes the first lightening bolt idea you have is the best, and with a surname like that we couldn’t hold back. A bit like Sarah, in fact.

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Extra curricular

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You may be familiar with our lovely clients, Quietroom. If so, you’ll know that they are a team of brilliant thinkers, writers and trainers. What you might not know, however, is that many Quietroomers have extra curricular creative lives. When not thinking, writing and training, their team get up to all sorts: singing, recording, scriptwriting.

So perhaps we should have been slightly less surprised when we started spotting Quietroom partner Vincent Franklin's face all over London. Look, there he is emblazoned across a huge poster campaign advertising Channel Four’s new series Cucumber. Thinking, writing, training and helming-a-massive-new-tv-show. Now that’s multitasking.

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Shop local

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As we’ve come to expect, last night’s Design Dinner was another great get-together. The format of the bi-monthly event is simple: a small audience of senior design industry figures, great food, a drink or two and (crucially) a fascinating speaker. In the past, we’ve seen talks given by stand-up comedians, puppeteers, bloggers and filmmakers.

Taking the stage last night was Ben Leask, founder of Ben’s House, a lovely little store near Warren Street in London. Ben described his early life as the son of a shopkeeper in Blackheath, his experience in retail around the world and the ethos behind his store. Ben puts this ethos best on his own website: "Everything in my little store is Cured, Created, Crafted in London Town."

Next time we're in Fitzrovia, we’ll definitely be dropping in for a London brew.

You can find out more about Ben’s House here.

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Going underground

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There are loads of things we love about working with University of the Arts London. But one of the very best things is seeing our campaign work out and about whilst travelling in London. It’s never less than thrilling to see your own work printed really big and scattered throughout the Underground network. We currently have two live campaigns for UAL. Here’s an example of one we spotted today. Keep ’em peeled, Londoners.

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