FilmNation 2015

Global film markets 2015

We’ve worked with FilmNation – a full service film production and distribution company based in New York and LA – since their inception. They’re smart, independent and are notching up an ever-increasing tally of great movies, including The King’s Speech, The Imitation Game, Under The Skin and Nebraska. Every year, we create a visual toolkit for FilmNation, which we then use to design branded environments at the four major annual film markets: Berlin, Cannes, Toronto and LA. This year, we chose to illustrate a series of new and upcoming releases from their slate. Our friends at Bokeh helped to animate the illustrations, which we ran on a ten metre LED screen in Berlin. Big screen brand design in action.

What we did

  • Brand communications
  • Branded interior
  • Digital
  • Moving image
  • Creative direction

Who we collaborated with

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“Your work sets us apart as a company, and for that we’re eternally grateful.”

Colby Leopard
Marketing, Publicity & Distribution,

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