Brand strategy and brand identity

Individually, City College Brighton and Hove and Northbrook College have successfully produced graduates in a dazzling variety of disciplines for many years: from celebrity chefs and leading fashion designers to business entrepreneurs and Oscar-winning special effects experts. In 2017 the two Colleges merged, increasing their geographical reach, covering five sites, employing 1,200 staff and looking after 14,000 students. Following an intensive consultation period, we proposed a new group name – Greater Brighton Metropolitan College, or MET for short – and helped to establish a brand hierarchy for the new group of colleges. We then ensured that our brand identity effectively communicated this dazzling range of subject areas, using an ever-changing palette of imagery styles to reflect the vast choice available to students. After nine months of strategic and design development, we’re thrilled that you can now meet MET.

What we did

  • Brand strategy
  • Naming
  • Brand identity
  • Brand communications
  • Brand environments
  • Creative direction

Who we collaborated with

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“It was always going to be a challenge to develop a brand for a College which has such a diversity of courses and students. The team at Baxter and Bailey took the time to engage with all of our stakeholder groups to get under the skin of the MET and to understand our values and personality. The end result is a bold concept that can be adapted for different markets and is proving easy to work with and develop across all of our marketing channels.”

Lucie Coxon
Head of Marketing and Student Recruitment

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