Integrated Project Office, Malaysia

Our client relationships take us all over the world. Especially long-standing client Lendlease, who have operations in Europe, Australia, Asia and the Americas. With several significant projects underway in Malaysia, Lendlease made the decision to move its teams to one large open-plan office space in Kuala Lumpur. The new working environment would allow for cross-project dialogue and true collaboration between departments. It was our job to communicate this new inter-disciplinary approach in a set of large permanent graphic installations. Using a vibrant colour palette, inspiring quotes and a bold illustration style, we brought the space to life and helped our client introduce a new way of working. As they say in KL, good job la!

What we did

  • Brand environment
  • Brand communications
  • Creative Direction

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“Baxter & Bailey’s ability to not just come up with great ideas, but to take everyone on the journey and collaborate effectively, meant that the outcome instilled pride and ownership amongst our team. Our office is a joy to work in.”

Daniel Steffe
Senior Branding & Communications Manager,

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