Brand identity

Lightbox is a financial management consultancy that specialises in the herculean task of helping the head-in-the-cloud creative types who run design companies to become better, more astute business-people. We started by developing a marketing strategy, which - prompted by the client’s name - quickly led to the idea of Illuminating Business. And around that, we set to work creating a visual identity that makes Lightbox a brightly glowing beacon for designers in urgent need of financial management know-how. (Incidentally, we were flattered to receive this brief, given that the client works with virtually all of London’s most talented designers.)

What we did

  • Brand strategy
  • Brand identity
  • Brand communications
  • Creative direction

Who we collaborated with

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“Matt and Dom’s design strategy is clever, fun and inspiring. It enabled us to identify and express the quality and spirit of the way we work.”

Gary Baxter
Managing Director,

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