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Postgraduate prospectus

The University of Sussex, based just north of Brighton at their award-winning modernist campus, has long been highly regarded as a crucible of critical thinking. Its alumni include countless revolutionary thinkers and doers who have challenged conventions and shaped our world. This radical reputation was the starting point for our postgraduate prospectus design. By creating a series of question-and-answers which punctuate the flow of the publication, we set out to give the recruitment drive an overtly questioning, inquisitive tone. For the printed prospectus, we coupled this narrative approach with a carefully considered use of production techniques, employing multiple paper stocks, cut-short pages and blind embossing to create a uniquely tactile piece of print. Perfect for an inquiring audience.

What we did

  • Brand Communications
  • Creative direction

Who we collaborated with

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“It was vital for us to work with a creative agency that would handle the new Sussex brand identity with care, but not treat us with kid gloves. We wanted to be challenged and kept on our toes by a creative team that would push our identity forward. We found this in Baxter and Bailey. From the first meeting to final delivery, the team worked with us. The initial briefing was collaborative and considered, and throughout the creative process they developed ideas that continually hit the mark.”

Mark Tobin
Head of Digital and Creative Media
Student Recruitment and Marketing,
University of Sussex


A sector-leading postgraduate prospectus which engages the hearts and the minds of the audience. The results speak for themselves: six months after the prospectus was published, applications were already up 30% on the previous year.

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