We’ve always focused on doing the work we believe in, and building long-term partnerships with clients we admire. For us, that means brand strategy, brand identity, digital design and development that makes a tangible difference to your audience and a positive impact in the world.

We’ve been around long enough to know that really great things only happen when both agency and client share an ambition to create something of lasting value. We partner with ambitious clients across a broad range of sectors and industries, from education, the arts and finance, to charity, non-profit and philanthropy.

The point is to do work that matters. Work you care about. Work you can look back on and feel proud of. If that’s what you want too, perhaps we should have a chat.


We’re a team of strategists, designers and digital developers, collectively delivering insightful, award-winning design for a digital world. Together, we create work that turns heads, raises smiles and changes minds.

Our dedication to work with meaning and impact has led to a huge range of projects – from brand identity systems and broadcast campaigns to progressive web development – with all these exciting clients, and many more besides.

Over the years, our work has been lucky enough to pick up a range of awards, including D&AD, Transform and Design Week. We’ve also been recognised by journalists, authors and publishers in a number of publications. Here are some highlights.


  • Transform Awards
  • Reed Words
  • Design Week Awards
  • Baxter & Bailey Snowman
  • The Drum Roses Awards Gold
  • Leonard Cheshire: Developing Lives
  • The Drum Design Awards



Matt Baxter

Creative Director

Always a fan of balance, Matt believes that all great design balances two vital qualities: ideas and craft. Jaw-dropping ideas are nothing without eye-popping execution, and vice versa. For nearly 25 years, Matt’s created brilliant work that balances ideas and craft for some of the world’s most respected agencies – including London’s influential Trickett & Webb, Melbourne’s 3Deep, retail design gurus Together Design and as a partner at acclaimed brand design agency 300million. Along the way, his ideas and craft have picked up accolades from D&AD, the Design Week Awards, New York Festivals and the Transform Awards. Today, he plays a prominent role in the UK design industry as a writer, speaker, and as an awards judge on the lookout for great ideas beautifully executed.

Dom Bailey

Strategic Director

Dom is a cheerleader for the power of design and its ability to effect change. Cultural change, organisational change, perception change: design can positively effect all of these things. Dom’s been using design to help clients make positive change for over 20 years, starting at design firm The Partners (at that time the UK’s number one creative agency) before co-founding brand design agency 300million, and then joining the board of Russian tech giant Yota. It was during this ‘client-side’ period that Dom had the opportunity to hone his strategic skills. As a designer-turned-strategist, Dom is seriously committed to effectiveness and design with impact. It’s a commitment he’s been able to put to valuable practice during ten years on the board of charity Theatre For A Change and in helping to shape Brighton and Hove’s Cultural Framework.

Rory Brady

Design Director

To describe Rory as merely talented does him a disservice. He’s also tenacious, thorough and thoughtful. And – rather like a stick of rock from his home city of Brighton and Hove – he has design running right through his centre. It’s Rory’s dedication to great design that makes him a perfect Design Director for Baxter & Bailey, ensuring that all of our design work meets his exacting and excellent standards. Over more than 15 years, he’s worked for clients ranging from the Imperial War Museum and the Royal Mail to Wimbledon Tennis and Williams Racing, most recently within one of London’s most highly-respected and frequently awarded agencies, Hat-trick. And along the way, he’s scooped up a clutch of D&AD, Design Week and Brand Impact awards for his clever, insightful work.

Jo Livesey

Account Director

Over a 25 year design industry career, Jo has dealt with almost every challenge, obstacle, twist and turn imaginable. It’s a level of experience and knowledge that makes her almost superhumanly adept. With an ability to work both strategically and tactically, Jo’s enviable skillset includes strategic planning, client development, account direction and impact measurement. Jo’s experience within a wide range of different design fields – including brand identity, interior design and environmental branding, for clients including Virgin Atlantic, Royal Mail, Vodafone and Siemens – makes her perfectly placed to help deliver even the most complex projects.

Alex Whittaker

Senior Designer

Alex is one of those rare designers who value insight and strategy as highly as ideas and craft. He has fully developed and honed this interest over the past 12 years, working for a series of respected London and Brighton-based design agencies. In that time, Alex has applied his rigorous thinking to a broad range of sectors, from finance and property to food and beverage, chalking up great packaging and identity projects for Waitrose & Partners, Hammerson, Network Rail and Deutsche Bank. Alex brings this enviable Venn diagram of sectors and skills – along with a generous dash of determination – to the Baxter & Bailey team.

Lydia Fisher


All good designers have extra curricular projects, or side-hustles as they’ve become known. Lydia is no exception. Her expertise and keen interest in typography has spilled out beyond the sketchpad, page and screen: her colourful hand-crafted typographic street art can be spotted (legally) brightening up the streets of Brighton and Hove. Lydia’s eye for type and colour naturally finds its way into Baxter & Bailey projects too, whether she’s designing a magazine for children, a new brand identity for a brilliant cultural venue or a website for one of the country’s best copywriting agencies (all of which she has capably delivered over recent months).

Sam Watts

Front End Developer

It’s all about experience. It’s Sam’s watchword when crafting brilliantly consistent, intuitive user experience for our digital projects. His experience as a talented web developer working within the UK design industry has proved invaluable for Baxter & Bailey, confidently bridging the gap between creative concept and on-screen delivery and ensuring that our work translates elegantly and effectively from sketchbook to pixels. Since joining the team in 2018, Sam has delivered a huge and varied range of digital projects for our clients, from an entirely typographic site of elegantly typeset poetry to an effortlessly easy-to-use e-commerce site for an innovative arts organisation.

Sammy Harpin


The youngest – and some would say keenest – member of the Baxter & Bailey team, Sammy joined us from Leeds Arts University where he picked up a First Class design degree. With a love of design in his DNA (Sammy’s dad is a talented designer too), he has the vital qualities present in all great graduates: a desire to keep on learning, a willingness to contribute and energy in spades (all good attributes when it comes to his extra curricular football playing, too). Since joining the team in 2018, Sammy has cut his teeth on projects ranging from brand identity, editorial design and campaign identity. We predict great things for the lad.

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