Contender ready!


We’re an ambitious lot, here at Baxter & Bailey. As a team, we believe in forward momentum. By which we mean: continuous development and improvement, collectively and as individuals.
We constantly strive to challenge ourselves, to learn new skills and to improve existing ones. From the youngest, freshest designer to the most seasoned, grizzled director, we’re all pushing ourselves and looking for ways in which we can grow both creatively and also professionally within the wider industry. Which means that we’re especially thrilled that one of us – ace designer and longest standing team member Emma Grencis – has been singled out by the design sector for doing exactly that. Emma has just been awarded the inaugural Transform Magazine Young Contender
of the Year 2018, one of only seven young designers nationwide to receive the accolade, which was established to recognise those making an outstanding contribution to the industry. Well done Emma and keep on avoiding that comfort zone!