Great north fun


On Friday last week, our creative director Matt Baxter was invited to talk to the current crop of design undergraduates at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN). Here’s what Matt had to say about the visit:

There’s a famous Alan Fletcher quote, that currently adorns a wall of the School of Art, Design and Fashion at UCLAN in Preston. In it, the famously bluff genius suggests that the best design course in the country should perhaps be based in London, rather than Preston. Which is a typically sideways way of saying what a great design course UCLAN was then and still is today. I’m happily invited to speak about design at Universities up and down the country, and I’ve noticed that you can usually tell quite quickly which are the excellent courses: the tutors are friendly, energetic and interested, and the students are switched-on, engaged and enthusiastic. It was evident straight away that the staff and students at UCLAN have all of these great qualities in spades. So a massive thanks to Jon, Andy, Lucy and everyone who came to the talk. I hope to be back in Preston soon for more showing and telling.