Standing Tall


A very tall brand needs a very tall… short… tall logo

“Make the logo bigger.” It’s a request that all designers hear with some frequency. And it’s an understandable demand. After all, our clients’ brands have to navigate increasingly busy, noisy, crowded markets across proliferating channels. You can see why an XL ID might be appealing. But we’d argue that the smarter move is to make the logo… better. Witness the rise of the dynamic logo: an ever-evolving, flexible, dynamic symbol, logotype or device that can adapt to fit anywhere. Think back to Three’s constant colour change, or to Sagmeister’s Casa da Música. Both broke the then norms, producing brand identities with chameleon characteristics.

We were approached by talented content creators Very Tall (whose co-founders Andy and Glen are, as their name suggests, rather lofty) to develop their branding to better represent them, their eclectic portfolio and diverse client base. We started by interrogating the brand and modernising it, introducing a bolder, digital-first colour palette and building a striking image-led website. As we developed their logo, pulling and pushing it across a number of their digital platforms, a new, living logo emerged: one with an uncanny ability to split and traverse the vertical. As the brand rolled out, the new identity gained the unique ability to flex, split and adapt to any application.


It doesn’t matter if your brand identity is tall, short, stretchy, bendy or somewhere in-between. Adopting a dynamic logo can not only elevate your brand, it can help you reach any audience on any platform, adapting to the environment every time. When it comes to logos, it doesn’t always pay to be bigger. But it’s certainly useful to be better.