Together apart


Starting a new job in ordinary circumstances is hard enough. Starting a new job in extraordinary circumstances is another level of difficulty. So we’re thrilled to say that Baxter & Bailey’s brand new Account Director Jo Livesey has become a vital and integrated part of our team with amazing ease. When Jo accepted her new role with BB way before the current crisis unfolded, little did we suspect that her very first team meeting – last Monday – would take place digitally, in eight separate homes in three separate cities. Maybe it’s Jo’s 25 years of agency experience. Maybe it’s her wide range of knowledge across different design fields, including brand identity, interior design and environmental branding. Maybe it’s her enviable client list, which includes Virgin Atlantic, Royal Mail, Vodafone and Siemens. Or maybe it’s just that she’s superhumanly unflappable. But whatever the reason, Jo is taking her unconventional first month with us very much in her stride.