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Brand Strategy

Finding your unique purpose

A lot of woolly words have been written about brand strategy. You’ve probably read some of them. But really, it’s about asking the right questions, listening carefully to the answers and distilling the insights that emerge. The result of this simple exchange? Powerful ideas, clearly expressed, that a business or organisation can genuinely embrace.


  • Audits
  • Brand architecture
  • Brand blueprints
  • Brand propositions
  • Consultation
  • Digital strategy
  • Interviews
  • Naming
  • Site architecture
  • Technical strategy
  • Workshops
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Brand Identity

Helping brands make their mark

What is brand identity? Is it a logo? A colour? A tone of voice? A system? The answer is it’s all of those things, and so much more besides. A great brand identity can change a company’s fortunes, win lifelong fans and advocates, and even – in the right hands – change the world for the better. We take this responsibility seriously.


  • Brand identity system
  • Brand engagement
  • Brand guidelines
  • Brand toolkits
  • Messaging and tone of voice
  • Tone of voice guidelines
  • Creative concepts
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Brand Communication

Creating stories that last

The ways in which a brand interacts with the world are innumerable. Which means that what we do here is broad, flexible and multidisciplinary. We design and code brilliant websites. We conceive and launch compelling campaigns. We art direct and deliver eye-catching video, animation and motion. And we partner with world-class writers, photographers, illustrators, fabricators, architects and filmmakers. Many hands, and all that.


  • Art direction
  • Brand activation
  • Brand expression
  • Campaign communications
  • Campaign identity
  • Content creation
  • Digital expression
  • Digital design, UI and UX
  • Front end development
  • Motion design and video
  • Packaging design
  • Print design
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Brand Environment

Designing joyful spaces

The opportunity for a brilliant brand identity or campaign idea to live and breathe in the real world has a special magic all of its own. Places and spaces offer a unique, tactile, sensory opportunity for brands to connect with audiences in truly meaningful, memorable ways. Through exhibition design, placemaking and branded environments, we love bringing great ideas to living, breathing life.


  • Place-making and installations
  • Exhibition design and interpretation
  • Event branding
  • Signage and wayfinding
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Work with us

Talk to us about the ways in which we can use strategy, creativity and technology to positively impact your brand.

If you’d like to find out how we can work with you, here are a couple of easy ways to get in touch.


+44(0)20 3021 3830

Creative agencies love to use confusing language to describe their process. We prefer to keep our three steps simple and succinct: Discovery & definition – Design development – Delivery. Done.

Our Processes


Asking the right questions

Whether we’re creating a new brand or building a new website, this stage of work is all about discovering everything we possibly can about our client and their challenges and then defining the ways in which we’ll help to resolve them. Brand workshops, technical workshops, interviews, audits, site visits, user mapping and research all help us to better understand the problem. Through enquiry, conversation and collaboration, we collectively define a roadmap to help steer us through the next stages of work.


Bringing ideas to life

This stage of work is all about invention. It’s the leaping off point; from theory into creativity, from ideas into action. Our process here is always to generate a wealth of choice: ideas, options, routes and directions. Because by generating choice for ourselves, and by working through those choices to identify the strongest, boldest, most unique solutions, we ensure that the work we share with our clients is the best we can possibly deliver. And then, through a process of presentation, feedback and iterative development, we work closely with our client teams to hone, distil and improve.


Making it happen

Great ideas are nothing without skilful and carefully managed delivery. This stage of work is where we ensure that the bold solutions we’ve collectively arrived at are delivered in the most technically proficient, practically considered way. Here is where we code, test and launch websites, build and implement comprehensive brand guidelines, develop campaign toolkits and oversee site-specific installations. And we take great care to ensure we leave our clients with tools, guidelines and products that are not only easy and flexible to use, but also – perhaps most importantly – enjoyable, too.

Nicola CosensManaging Partner Propellernet

The whole team at Baxter & Bailey are an absolute joy to work with. From the initial meeting they were insightful and creative, gaining our trust straight off with a clear understanding of our vision from both a product and values point of view.