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Cardiff Metropolitan

Creating a contemporary campaign with a capital C.


Cardiff Metropolitan University is an amazing institution with a strong sense of belonging. It sits within a global capital, a city filled with world-class arts, culture and sport. So, when we were asked to create a three-year campaign that would show prospective students why the university is so special, we used this idea of the capital: as a place of ideas, a concentration of culture. A single, distinctive place that sums up the spirit of something larger.

Sukh Chonk Interim Director of Marketing Cardiff Metropolitan University
We are thrilled with this ground-breaking campaign, which truly embodies the best of Cardiff Metropolitan University and the opportunities we aim to offer our students. With a deep understanding of our personality and academic offerings, Baxter & Bailey has set a new standard for what a student recruitment campaign can achieve. We are grateful for their hard work and dedication.


Because university is a place where you can become your best self, we branded it: The Capital of You. Our dual-language brand messaging draws on the music and poetry that the Welsh are famous for and aims to convey the passionate nature of the Welsh character. We developed easy-to-use guidelines, campaign animations, a UCAS exhibition and a colourful collection of roll-out communications, including a set of dual-language prospectuses.


The end result is a campaign that places the student at its heart. It showcases a place where things are concentrated. Where ideas are sharpest, where passions are most powerful. Where you are your truest self. The capital of you.

Sarah Garwood Design Manager Cardiff Metropolitan University
The brand team are delighted. Not only does the work push and stretch the brand guidelines into exciting new directions, but it also introduces a whole new approach to messaging which boldly elevates our values to the forefront of the campaign.



Brand Impact Awards Silver 2023 The Drum Roses Awards Nominated 2023

Special Thanks

Thank you to Sukh, Sarah, Ben and the rest of the project team, not only for trusting us with the brand identity to create a distinct campaign but for the warmest of welcomes in the most compact of capitals. An extra thanks to Kate van der Borgh for contributing with powerful and passionate poetry.


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