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New Scientist

Helping a vast US audience to believe in the power of the new.


First published as a printed journal in 1956, New Scientist now spans digital editions, an online learning platform, video channels and podcasts. With a long established international reputation for scientific excellence and cutting edge content, New Scientist spotted an opportunity to grow its US reach in 2022, appointing the Baxter & Bailey team to devise a compelling creative campaign to introduce the brand to a new audience of American devotees.

Laurence Taylor Managing Director New Scientist
The team at Baxter & Bailey has worked with us on a number of significant campaigns. Our collaborations are always professional, enjoyable and super-creative. This US campaign is no exception.


Our concept was to celebrate New Scientist’s unique ability to shine a light on all that’s new in the world of science: new breakthroughs, new discoveries, new ideas (an idea so fundamental to the brand that it forms part of its name). Working with digital marketing experts RocketMill and animator ace Tom Matuszewski, we used simple messaging, striking imagery and immersive video to communicate the peerless scientific depth and breadth of the brand.


This singular, direct and endlessly adaptable campaign was rolled out across social channels, on paid digital advertising and featured in sister publications, successfully raising awareness, attracting new subscribers and encouraging stateside readers to discover something new.



Graphis Poster Award 2022

Special Thanks

Thanks to Laurence, Jo and James and the wider US team at New Scientist for believing in ‘the power of the new’ and how a simple idea can translate across the Atlantic without losing impact or integrity.

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