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NSPCC Helpline

Ensuring a crucial national lifeline is vital, visible and vibrant.



As the UK’s leading children’s charity, the NSPCC has been looking out for children for over 130 years. A vital cornerstone of the charity’s work is the NSPCC Helpline, which works alongside their Childline to provide a platform for adults to report concerns and seek advice. Our work with NSPCC saw us developing a central brand proposition and key messages to help clarify and compellingly communicate the Helpline’s purpose.




Following a series of workshops with NSPCC Helpline staff and volunteers we used this central proposition as a springboard for a new visual approach, developing a suite of brand assets which helped to give the Helpline a clear and distinct voice within the broader NSPCC brand identity. At the heart of our solution is a constantly moving graphic ‘lifeline’, devised in collaboration with illustrator Jonathan Calugi and which visualises the NSPCC Helpline as a source of human connection and reassuring support.

Kristina Stephens Marketing Manager NSPCC
It was a pleasure to work with Baxter & Bailey on long-term strategic brand guidance for our Helpline service that is grounded in insight. With their creative and collaborative support, we developed a new toolkit to ensure every UK adult understands that the NSPCC is there for them if they’re concerned about a child.


Kam Thandi NSPCC Helpline Director NSPCC
Baxter & Bailey helped us to position the NSPCC Helpline service as being here for anyone with a concern about a child – as well as for those with more serious concerns about abuse. Led by insight and working with a team of NSPCC specialists, they developed engaging copy, illustrations and guidance to support the service. Our new toolkit will have a real impact on how we’re able to communicate what the Helpline does.


The development of a singular brand identity for the NSPCC Helpline gave it a greater visibility, clarity and distinctiveness within the brand architecture of the organisation. As a result, the service is better known, more clearly understood and more easily accessed than ever before.



Transform Awards Highly Commended 2023

Special Thanks

Thanks to Kristina, Kam, Sophie, Georgina and all of the NSPCC colleagues and voluteers involved in this vital, much-needed project. What a privilege to help the NSPCC to make its Helpline better known and more widely recognised.

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