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Oxford University Press – Readerful

A transformative new brand to help children everywhere discover a lifelong love of reading, one story at a time.


There’s a strong body of evidence that suggests children who read for pleasure enjoy a whole range of benefits, from better life chances and improved outcomes in school to increased empathy, better mental health and wellbeing. But enjoyment of reading is at an all-time low, with over half of 8 to 18 year olds saying they do not enjoy reading in their free time. This, coupled with evidence that one in five children in the UK do not have a book in their home, meant that something had to change. Enter Oxford University Press, whose ambition is to reignite children’s interest in reading and to put something exciting into schools – something that motivates all children to want to read more.

Readerful branding applied to a collection of colourful cards
Readerful book cover, Mega Merle


The Primary Literacy market is a crowded space. School book boxes and shelves are crammed with books, all with a shared problem: they look like reading scheme books, worthy and uninspiring. Readerful by Oxford University Press set out to challenge this status quo, with a mission to transform the market and a powerful vision at its heart: imagine the very best bookshop display, but in every Primary school. Our brief from OUP was to embed the awe, wonder and excitement of reading – the desire to pick up and dive into stories – into their new brand. We began by helping OUP to name their new reading brand. And, with the gift of an inspiring name, we set out to develop a lively messaging system and a joyous brand identity.

Readerful branding shown across a range of smartphone screens

Michelle Campbell Head of Design for Primary Product & Schools Marketing Oxford University Press
Working with Baxter & Bailey on our reading program was an absolute delight. Their attention to detail in crafting a versatile brand identity that not only adapts seamlessly to any cover context but also evokes joy with every glance is truly remarkable. Their collaborative approach ensured our project’s success, delivering a stylish and timeless brand that brings smiles to all who see it.


OUP’s Readerful was successfully launched to support schools and teachers to deliver the books that all children deserve, books full of richness, inspiration, inclusion and magic. Readerful’s launch library is an ever growing, expanding range, featuring exciting fiction, inspiring non-fiction and with titles designed to support older, struggling readers. Our brand identity, its comprehensive guidelines and flexible, easy-to-use assets have helped to ensure that Readerful is making a positive, transformative impact for children everywhere.


authors commissioned for the first wave of books


illustrators commissioned for the first wave of books


poets featured in the first wave of books


books (and counting) in the Readerful library

Early design sketches of Readerful logo concepts


Transform Awards Shortlisted 2024

Special Thanks

Thanks to Kate, Michelle, Emily, Rachel and the rest of the Oxford University Press Readerful team. It doesn’t get much more exciting than this: an opportunity to help grow a nation of avid, engaged, entertained young readers. Wonderful.


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